HELP Group Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 20 January 1999

Cell Therapeutics, Inc., Seattle



Rebecca Stager of Cell Therapeutics, Inc. opened the meeting. Everyone present introduced him or herself and told where they worked.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 17th March 1999 at Immunex. Dr. Steven Guffey will be joining us to discuss ventilation systems.

Main Speakers

The speakers for the meeting were Gary Lindsey, Western Territory Manager, Hazardous Materials Packaging, All-Pak Corporation (up from Anaheim, CA for this meeting) and William Rowe and Ron Claus from the University of Washington, Environmental, Health and Safety office.

Mr. Lindsey talked about numerous hazardous materials transportation issues. He covered some history and current state of the regulations. Most importantly he related several humorous and relevant stories of hazardous materials shipments gone wrong. Mr. Lindsey clearly brought to light the need for proper training and control when it comes to hazardous materials shipping.

Mr. Rowe and Mr. Claus shared with the group the University's recent shipping violation. They explained how the shipping error was discovered, the process of the subsequent regulatory inspection, the outcomes of the inspection and pro-active response the university has put forth. Mr. Claus shared some enlightening information regarding how many universities around the country actually have programs in place to oversee hazardous materials shipment (none had at the time of their survey) and stressed the need for a change. The University has implemented a comprehensive training program and several 'shipping centers' to prevent future liability.

Speaker Conclusion / Discussion

Members of the group expressed their own frustrations in dealing with scientific and clinical staff regarding shipment of hazardous materials. David Lahti, of FHCRC related the results of a recent DOT inspection at the Hutch. Sarah Wolz (Pathogenesis) said that Mr. Handy at Airborne Express has been quite helpful in solving shipping issues. The members enjoyed the presentations and thanked the speakers for their time and insight.

A few items of interest:

Hazardous materials homepage for DOT:

RSPAís homepage:

IATAís homepage:

RSPA proposed revisions to transport of Class 6.2: Federal Register, Vol. 63, No.170, Wed. 9/2/98

Other Meeting Topics

Washington Ergonomics Standard Update: MSDs

Donna Hoskins of Immunex, provided a handout covering the recent MSD workplace rule development. The handout explained the results of several rule development conferences held during the fall and early winter. It also covered input received from stakeholders via fax, mail and email. The comment period on the rule development officially ended in January. In reality comments are always accepted and useful and you are encouraged to forward any ideas to L&I. The directions for providing comments that was given out at the rule development conference held at the Governorís Safety & Health Conference is as follows:

send comments to: Rick Goggins

Rick is one of the central L&I staff working on writing the proposed rule. Rebecca Stager met him at the Governor's Conference and relates he is both approachable and truly open to ideas.

Biological Waste Proposed Rule Change

Ruth Scott, President of WBBA attempted to join the group to discuss some proposed legislation that will be heard down in Olympia shortly. The proposed rules amend RCW 70.95K.010 and 70.42.090 and add a new section 70.95K. The rules define 'microbial deactivation' and add a requirement for microbiological laboratories to 'treat cultures and stocks at the point of generation to accomplish microbial deactivation.' Ms. Scott was unexpectedly delayed so instead a copy of the legislation was provided to all interested group members. Ms. Scott is looking for industry input regarding the proposed changes and would greatly appreciate any involvement by members of the group. She can be contacted at WBBA at 206-628-0799 or 206-624-1967. Copies of the proposed legislation will be available at the March meeting.