HELP Meeting Minutes
July 21, 1999
Immunex Corporation

  1. Welcome and Agenda

  2. Partnerships in Medical Industry Waste Prevention

    Brad Gong, ICOS, gave an overview of the issue of solid waste generation and recycling potential for materials (i.e., plastics) generated in the laboratory. He introduced, both, Kinley Deller, Green Works Business Assistance Program and David Stitzhal, MRP President, Full Circle Environmental, Inc.

    David provided a general history of the recent interest in recycling in the Medical Waste Industry. There is an EPA grant that provides money to evaluate the recycling potential for hospitals. Additionally, there is a group organized called the Medical Industry Waste Prevention Round Table which includes representatives from different medical institutions. David and Kinley encourage members of the HELP group to attend meetings held by the roundtable. The next meeting is to be held Monday July 26, 1999 from 1:30 — 3:30 at Children's Hospital. (The next meeting after that will be from 1:30pm to 3:00pm September 2nd at the King County Water and Land Resources Dept. at 130 Nickerson Street, Suite 100)

    There are numerous King County Programs available which provide recycling incentives and information. These programs include:

    There was a general discussion regarding plastic recycling. The plastic processing facility has shutdown and therefore it is easier to recycle glass at this time. David reiterated that another option is to focus on the material prior its entry into the lab.  There was a general discussion on the types of waste generated by the biotech industry and a recommendation was made to generate a spreadsheet that listed the materials recyclable and the vendor used. Additionally, add the materials that one would like to be recycled.  EIC will present the spreadsheet to the HELP members at the next HELP meeting and will post it on their website.

  3. Lockout / Tagout Program

  4. EH&S / Hazardous Material Tech job openings

  5. Next Meeting: September 22, 1999