HELP Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2003
Berlex Corporation
Bothell, Washington

Janice Camp (University of Washington) announced that an Occupational Health Services graduate student is interested in doing an internship in a biotech company over the summer.  The student has one year academic experience, lab experience and is available full time.  The interns usually get $12 to $15 per hour.

Dave Waddell from METRO spoke about the Local Hazardous Waste Program.  The Department of Ecology released a rulemaking order on Pharmaceutics excluded from Dangerous Waste Regulations as long as they are shipped for incineration.

He also discussed the dilution of treatment by generator issue that he has been working on.  Detoxification is not defined in the current regulations (WAC 173-303-150).  In the future they may allow alcohols to go down the drain by keeping a volumetric log (no permit).  

The main part of Dave’s presentation was on the Rehab the Lab project in Middle and High Schools.  The goals of this project are to eliminate old chemicals, improve storage practices and reduce hazardous waste generation.  They worked with 272 schools over a period of four years.  50% to 90% of their stock was shipped out with no impact to their routines.  Some of the problems in the school labs found were:

Fume hoods that don’t ventilate to the outside.
Bio Safety Cabinets used as fume hoods.
Eyewash next to electrical strip with very old fan in front.
11,000 year supply of lead nitrate.
Container of metallic potassium that had turned orange and purple.  This cost $6800 to stabilize.
Eight pints of ether dated 1975.
570 lbs of mercury shipped out of the schools
Homemade nitroglycerine
6.5 lbs of cyanide stored in glass bottles on shelves with no lips.
Labels with "Don’t smell", "Methol something", "Box O’ Gases", "5% water and (picture of skull and crossbones)".

They accomplished the following:
Received the Governor’s Award
613 visits to 298 schools in King County
Disposed of 36.9 tons of hazardous chemicals.
Many other states are now targeting school labs.

Other schools need help too.  Dave asked for volunteers to help with schools in other areas.  He would like to see sharing of chemicals within the various school districts.

Annie Kolb-Nelson presented the Brightwater Project.  She discussed the various