HELP Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2002

Meeting was held at the Institute for Systems Biology

Tim McBride gave a brief overview of who and what the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is and about.

Jim Denovan reviewed the results from the questionnaire sent to HELP members. The results will be posted on the website (, lick on "HELP Group").

The Highlights:

Good cross-section of companies and organizations of varying size

Most work with hazardous materials

A large number would like to see membership dues

Most would like to see greater organization to the group:

-creating a charter

-manage membership information

-arrange for paid, external speakers (from membership dues)

-recognize/award group members for contributions

-assemble standing committees (currently the only standing committee is the steering committee)

-provide expanded web support

A more formal review of the results will be written up by Jessie and presented in 2 months.  A big thanks to Jessie Mushen and Laura Denovan for their hard work on the survey.

Tim McBride conducted a roundtable survey to see what other topics would be of interest to the group.

-An ergonomics presentation from Walt Rostykus of HumanTech- Walt has agreed to give a presentation (no sales) of ergonomics in the office and lab. It was suggested that Donna Hoskins be sure to be there for additional lab support, if needed. We will try to get him and the consultant from L&I to speak to us about ergonomics at the May meeting.

-Training techniques, suggestions and tricks. Both for live presentations and online training.

-Steve Hurley has offered to speak on Bio-Aerosols – will be scheduled in the near future.

-Facilities Management-

 o Ventilation

 o New fume hoods (TM to speak with Flow Controls about the new hood)

 o Accurate drawings

-Do a 5 minute profile of individual companies or organizations

-Internal security, particularly as it pertains to biological and radiation, employee theft. See if Dave Kummerlowe, Cadre ERT, trains emergency response crews to respond to meth labs is available to give a presentation

-Issues about mercury disposal- may include a group that is actively trying to reduce mercury in hospitals- Healthcare without Harm. We may also send out quantities for recycling.

The format of having a roundtable discussion was positively received and will be used in the future.

There was a question about multi-facilities being single or multi-disposal sites for reporting purposes. Answer was that it depends on EPA ID numbers.

Upcoming meetings:

Steering Committee- April 17th9:00am at CTI 501 Elliot Ave. W, Suite 400, Seattle.  Parking is available in lot to the north.

HELP meeting- May 22nd at 9:00 am at Seattle Genetics