HELP Meeting Minutes

Held at Immunex Corporation

March 17, 1999


Welcome: Chairperson Jim Denovan, Ph.D., EIC

Introductions from attendees

Minutes: Denise Bender, Immunex




I. Biomedical Waste

Ruth Scott, WBBA President, reported on recent bills on the management of medical waste submitted to the House and Senate. Four of the five medical waste bills were defeated in the Senate. The remaining bill SSB 5082 was deemed acceptable as there were no objections raised by WBBA members, however, the proposed amendment to the bill has some language that needs review. The Governor will not sign the bill unless the amendment is added. The intent of the amendment is to address the concerns raised as a result of the incident at Stericycle, Inc., Morton, Washington. Ruth requested that members of the HELP committee review the amendment and send comments to her that same day. The following websites contain current information on legislation affecting the biomedical/biotech industry - and


II. Department of Construction and Land Use - Fume Hood Update

DCLU is in the process of drafting changes to the Rule 5-89 that addressed the installation and operation of fume hoods and biosafety cabinets. A committee has been formed to help evaluate the changes to the rule. A handout that listed the issues was made available to the HELP committee members. Please contact Jeff Palmer, Immunex Corporation, with your comments. The committee hopes to wrap up thier comments by June 1999.


III. Lab Hood Ventilation

Guest Speaker: Dr. Steve Guffey, Ph.D., CIH, UofW

Dr. Guffey presented information regarding the design, operation and testing of laboratory fume hoods. Recent information on this subject may be obtained from the following four major sources: