HELP Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2002

Held at ICOS Corporation

I.  Representatives from various Occupational Medicine Clinics gave brief presentations on their services and fielded questions from the members.

The Everett Clinic

Dr. Chamblin, Director of the Occupational Health Program.

Marti Bradley, Program Manager.

They have 12 sites located throughout Snohomish County

200 doctors on staff

6 walk-in clinics open 7 days per week

HealthForce Partners

Darin Smith, Vice President Sales

HealthForce Partners bought Virginia Mason Occupational Medicine Clinics

2 clinics - Seattle & Tukwila

May have clinic on the eastside after the first of the year.

They have records from Virginia Mason.

Providence Everett Clinic

Dr. Marshall Andersen, Medical Director

Located south of downtown Everett

Off set of Everett Medical Center and Medallia

Location in Mill Creek near Fred Meyer

US Health Works

Dr. Steve Soresby, Regional Medical Director

Elizabeth Green, Regional Sales Manager

Debbie Webster, Account Manager

Many clinics from Lynnwood to Puyallup

50% are urgent care and 50% are occupational medicine

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do you provide on-site training?

A: All of the representatives said that they are willing to come to your company to do training on hearing conservation, ergonomics, bloodborne pathogens, but it is not a big part of what they do.

Q: Can you tell us how you provide consistency in exams?

A: All of the representatives said they have protocol sheets for which tests they complete for the type of exam requested. If you find that exams are inconsistent from person to person, the representatives stated that they would like to know so that the next person/group won't encounter the same problem.

Q: What tests are ordered for the Hazmat/Spill team members?

A: They try to limit the tests to include tests on the target organs that may be affected during spill cleanup. Detailed information (e.g. potential exposure info) given to the doctors up front helps to limit the number of tests completed.

II. Announcement that there are new regulations for Emergency Response (WAC Chapter 296-824).

III. Announcement of the new HELP officers.

Jesse Mushen - President

Jim Denovan - Vice President

Matt Donelan - Treasurer

Laura Denovan - Secretary

Jesse talked about his goals for the HELP Group. He would like to make sure

that the meetings cover topics that people want to hear about. He would

like to see host company give facility tours after the meetings to see what

others are doing for health and safety. He would like to assemble standing

committees for topics such as hazardous waste in order to gather and

disseminate information.

Dues will be collected after legal issues are resolved with the non-profit


Jennifer Fisker-Andersen announced that Chiron (Emeryville,CA) has an

opening for a Senior EH&S Specialist with Biosafety experience. You can

find more information at

The next HELP meeting will be January 15, 2003, at 9am at Zymogenetics. Leo

Wainhouse from the Department of Health Radiation Division will speak on the

latest compliance issues in radiation safety.