H.E.L.P. Steering Committee Meeting

February 29, 2000



I.                    Steering Committee Members

Jesse Mushen                           Jim Denovan (Chairperson)

Brad Gong                              Tim McBride

Laura Denovan                        Sarah Wolz

Donna Hoskins                        David Moore

Joe Skovron


II.                 Future Meeting Locations

May 17, 2000                                    ICOS

July 19, 2000                                      Corixa

Sept. 20, 2000                                    Bio-Rad (Sanofi)

Nov. 15, 2000                                    CTI

Jan. 17, 2001                                    Immunex (Seattle)

March 21, 2001                                Molecumetics


a.      Meetings are to be held the third Wednesday of every other month.

b.      July 19th meeting will be a “Brain Twister” - bring your most difficult questions for group discussion.

c.      November 15th meeting topic is “Horror Stories” – bring stories of accidents or near misses you have been involved with or have heard.

d.      Other meetings will have only one speaker unless others are sharing the allotted speaking time.

e.      All meetings will be held at biotechnology or biomedical companies with an occasional meeting at a restaurant location.

f.        Approximately every fourth meeting will be a Brain Twister, sharing Horror Stories or other group discussion format.


III.               The purpose of H.E.L.P. (Health Safety and Environment Laboratory Professionals) is to foster intercommunication of health and safety professionals within the biotechnology and biomedical community.  We will do this by providing a forum for:


§         Sharing information

§         Group problem solving

§         Networking amongst H&S professionals

§         Discussion on common regulatory issues


IV.              All outside speakers making presentations at H.E.L.P. meetings will observe the following guidelines:


a.      All speakers must stay within the allotted time – 30 minutes with 10 minutes for questions and answers.

b.      All presentations are to be for information purposes only.  There will be no promotion of products or services unless requested by the H.E.L.P. Steering Committee.

c.      Speakers may bring business cards to give to meeting attendees but no brochures or equipment are allowed unless integral to the talk.


V.                 Meeting hosts


a.      Hosts for H.E.L.P. meetings will provide a meeting room, take minutes of the meeting, lead the discussion and organize the agenda for the meeting.

b.      The host will work with the steering committee to develop the agenda.

c.      The host will e-mail to Jim Denovan the agenda, at least two weeks prior to the meeting, and the meeting minutes, no more than two weeks after the meeting has occurred.